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Wire Harness Assembly Process
Dec 11, 2018

These processes include but are not limited to the following:

• Installing the wires and/or subassemblies on the assembly board.

• Routing wires and/or subassemblies through any required sleeves.

• Applying wraps, ties, or tapes, particularly on any branch-outs.

• Crimping terminals onto wires, especially if more than one wire goes into one terminal.

It is difficult to automate the processes used in the building of a wire harness. Manual production remains more cost-effective than automation, especially with small batch sizes. Pre-production or kitting of a harness can be somewhat automated.

This would impact the following steps:

• Cutting and identifying individual wires (cutting/stripping machine).

• Crimping terminals onto one or both sides of the wire.

• Partial plugging of wires fitted with terminals into connector housings.

• Soldering of wire ends (solder machine).

• Twisting wires.