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The Insulation Properties Of UL Electronic Wire
Jun 27, 2018

The PVC glue formula of UL Electronic Wire is the average of PVC plus additives mixed to meet product requirements. The simplest recipe is nothing more. The complex formula needs to add random agents, lubricants, processing aids, fillers, pigments, tougheners, plasticizers, and other special additives.

The plastic content of the insulation material of the UL electronic wire is generally between 50PHR and 60PHR. A plasticizer excellent in heat resistance and electrical insulation is often selected to add trioctyl trimellitate to improve heat resistance. 

The use of multiple plasticizers together is generally best, and virtually all plasticizers in the PVC cable formulations are also used together. The strong insulation of the PVC cable main agent can choose phosphate, phthalate ester as the main agent will be used for general purpose. The heat resistance and volatility of plasticizers in UL electronic wires are decisive factors for the high-temperature performance of cable materials.