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The Category Of The Coaxial Cable
Jun 22, 2018

Biadi will share information about the category of the coaxial cable today. Coaxial cable is divided into the thin cable (RG58 cable) and thick cable (RG11 cable).

The diameter of the thin cable is 0.26 cm, 50Ω, the maximum transmission distance is 185 meters.

The diameter of the thick cable is 1.27 cm, 75Ω, the maximum transmission distance is 500 meters. It’s not so flexibility because the diameter is quite thick. The cable is not suite to set up in the narrow indoor environment, and it is more complicated to make the connector of the RG11 cable, it can't connect to the computer directly, it needs an adapter and changes into AUI connector, then connect to the computer. Because the intensity of the thick cable is strong, and the transmission distance is longer than thin cable, the main purpose of the thick cable is the backbone of the network all the time.

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